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Indiana G Dan Feeney is one of the draft's top interior lineman prospects.

Indiana G Dan Feeney is one of the draft’s top interior lineman prospects.

Grab the book NFL teams and draftniks order!

For years, The Slant has only been available to a select core of NFL insiders. Now, for the second consecutive year, football fans everywhere will have access to the exhaustive research and scouting analysis to aid them in following and enjoying the NFL Draft!

Long-time publisher and player personnel expert Jeff Curts combines exhaustive film review, information gathering, and scouting instincts to produce a hard-hitting, thought provoking draft guide chocked full of information, yet visually appealing.

Curts studied under former NFL scout and analyst Russ Lande, and had self-published “The Slant” to a limited distribution area for over eight years. In 2013, the book was distributed to the general public for the first time with tremendous success.His knack for evaluating talent and projecting players to the next level using authentic NFL scouting reports sheds light on the draft process and brings readers right into the “war room”.

In addition to his work on the draft, Curts, is the Editor/Publisher of a football based website, writes for several magazines and hosts a football-oriented podcast.

The Slant will include over 250 detailed scouting reports, profiling players’ college careers while also projecting their skill sets to the professional ranks with in-depth analysis. But it doesn’t stop there. The Slant goes beyond the normal “draftnik” strengths/weaknesses jargon, to examine a player’s medical and legal history, two factors that affect both draft position and career progression. You’ll understand what happened and why before the tv talking heads give their opinions.

Plus, you’ll receive feature stories, underrated/overrated lists, a mock draft, team needs, and our sleeper picks all jammed into the guide for an incredible value.

Get off the sidelines and into the game with a comprehensive resource that you’ll refer to time and again. Reserve your copy of The Slant…NFL Draft Guide,* today!football-field

Note: * The Slant is no longer printing a hard copy book. With current print and shipping costs, it is not feasible to produce an affordable draft guide. We are shifting to a subscription-based format. Please stay tuned for further details and thank you for your patronage.



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